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Spell Making

Have you ever dreamed of creating your own spells? This is your chance!


We are proud to introduce a novel, unique and exclusive system, called spell making. This will allow the player to create their own spells, based on different effect combinations. The more effects chosen the higher the mana and skill requirements, and similarly for larger magnitude, duration and area of effect. There are a total of 160 effects, split into 3 categories: Beneficial (Mana Cost: 5), Harmful (Mana Cost: 10), and Summoning (Mana Cost: 15) (those are starting mana costs). Within each category there are 90, 27 and 43 effects, respectively. A spell you make can be one of the 3 main types, cannot mix them. A cap of 10 effects is applied to the spell you create (which leads to 2^10-1=1023 spells that can be created from each of the 3 groups, for a total of 3069 new spells). if we had not restricted and capped you could have created 2^160-1=1.4615016373309029182036848327163e+48 effects...). These tomes are the basis for the new specific rewards given by the Crafter's Guild, vis-a-vis the new fortify skill spells. Thi snew system will allow players to trully play a unique style of their choice; for example you can now play necromancer like you do in Diablo 2 and blow up corpses, of play a paladin that uses auras to affect his surroundings. Each of the 3 groups is split up into the following categories: Beneficial type: "Bless Resists", "Bless Stats", "Restoration Effects","Shields","Fortify Magical Skills", "Fortify Combat Skills", "Fortify Crafter/Harvest Skills", "Fortify Unsavory Skills", "Fortify Bardic Skills","Fortify Wilderness and Other Skills" Harmful type: "Curse Resists", "Curse Stats", "Leech Effects", "Harmful Effects". Summoning: "Manipulation of the Elements","Summon Creature Group", "Summon Hydras", "Corpse Manipulation", "Summon Familiars". The new quest giver that gives this tome as a reward will be placed near the Codex of Spell Making Knowledge in training area 3. This is not a trivial quest, advanced players only.

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