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Special Structures

Build your own city!


This system I made is a healthy and fun way to conquer things within the server, in the public gate you you will find in custom places a new place called Special Structures, the first step is to talk to engineer Fabio, he will give you a brief explanation of how things work and give you a quest to earn your first special pickaxe, behind the tent where he stay, there is another vendor called Calista, he sells the tool for you to manufacture new pickaxes and also new obsidian stones.

This system was made for players who want little by little and with hard work to have other structures around their houses such as a bank, a blacksmith or even a large swimming pool, on the rocks on the side of the tents you can see all the available structures. Over time new structures will be placed after study by engineers, if you dreamed of having a mini city this is the ideal opportunity.

The system works as follows. The player, after completing the quest and getting his first pickaxe made of obsidian, must go to some place with lava and mine on the way back to get obsidian stones, most of the time he will get small stones, but in some cases depending on the location (like the ores mining system) will be able to pick up large stones, from time to time when mining the location the player may be surprised by an obsidian elemental that upon hearing the noise will get angry and be hostile. In possession of the small stones, the player must buy the tool from the seller at the Special Structures location and transform 10 small stones into 1 large stone, and to make the pickaxe he will need to make a crystalline stone, this will be made with 3 large stones. The amount charged for each scheme may vary according to the engineers' wishes.

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