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Quest Making

Create your own quests ingame!


We are pleased to introduce yet another unique and exclusive system called Quest Making. Speak to Platon the Legendary Adventurer in training area 3 to obtain your adventurer's log. Double click the log to see first, YOUR experience and LUPs and second to start building quests. The owner of the log gains xp by crafting an item or by slaying a creature or by raising your skills. You can spend LUPs in the Quest Properties page for now. You cannot drop the log, but you can remove it by clicking the button in the gump. Warning: all your progress is saved in the log, removing it will result in losing all progress and you'd need to get another and start over. - Details on Quests Only the Crafter Quests page is currently operational. The rest of the pages you see in the gump will be filled in over the next few weeks. Make sure you check [news regularly. You can have up to 100 crafted quests. They could be of any type and any completed quest counts as repeatable! Timed quests have less requirements amount wise. You cannot have a quest with the same name or craft the same item (unless you make one timed and one not on a timer). You can use command [myquests to bring up the crafted quests gump or click the button from the log gump. You may start/quit/or get info on a crafted quest anytime. You can remove the crafted quest from your log anytime. When you start a quest you receive a scroll with the quest info. Double click it to collect what is needed. Any operation in the Log gump costs 10k gp. This can be reduced from the Quest properties.

Step by Step Crafter Quest

1. Create the quest with the new quest book

2. Start the quest

3. Create the items

4. Double click the red deed that was put in your main bag

5. Hit the Collect Items button

6. Then double click the red deed again

7. The Collect Items button should now say something like Claim Reward 8. The rewards will show up in your pack

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