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New Spells

Be a true mage with 128 new spells.


In the tradition of the Ultima IX: Ascension and inspired by the original Diablo spellcasting system and acquisition of spells and their levels, we are pleased to introduce four Elemental Spheres of Magic, including Ether (Energy), Earth (Physical), Fire and Ice (Cold) spheres of magic. Each type of magus has access to 32 spells, for a total of 128 new spells! This spell system is exclusive and cannot be found elsewhere!

The Ether, Earth, Fire and Ice spell tomes contain all the spellbooks you find for a specific type of elemental magic, and will gather these spellbooks within when double clicked.

You will find practitioners of each type of elemental magic in many areas of Sosaria. Each type is drawn to specific areas of the world; see the Rune Library for more details.

In order to get you started please visit the training area in the Magi of Sosaria guild town and seek the wisdom of the four masters of elemental magic. They will set you on the path to obtaining the specific tome of elemental magic!

If you have more than one books of the same spell, and double click one they are combined and the level increases. If you only have one spellbook for a specific spell then it is cast.

Spellcasting can be accomplished either using the gump via the spell tome or by dropping the spellbook you want to cast and then double clicking the spellbook. Moreover, to help with macroing, we have introduced the following commands that can cast spells on the fly:

[castearthspell xx

[castetherspell xx

[castfirespell xx

[casticespell xx

where xx is a number between 0-31, so

[castearthspell 1 will cast lower physical resist, etc

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