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Levelable Items

Evolve some of your items and make them godly items.


Dream of having an item worthy of the Gods?

It is with great pleasure that we introduce an exclusive system, build from scratch, that will allow players to level up specific items as they adventure around the world. We have currently added levelable system.

At the moment the only possible way to get your hands on one of these wonderful items is to kill the lord in the Miras Stronghold, or slay one of the following Peerlees bosses:

Dread Horn in Twisted Weald,

Travesty in the Citatel,

Chief Paroxysmus in his Palace,

Monstrous Interred Grizzle in Bedlam,

Shimmering Effusion in the Prism of Light,


Note that the items come without any properties, so the best approach would be to spellcraft (at your own risk since it can blow up the item) then start leveling to add more/new properties or add properties from deeds you find in dungeon treasure chests, t-map chests or SOS chests. Imbuing is disable on these items. In addition, in order to repair them (if you don't have the self repair property on yet), you can use the repair deeds from the custom npc north of Britain bank.

A levelable katana can be dropped by the Miras Lord (1% chance).

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