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Hourly Repeatable Quest

Get quest tokens all the time!


The repeatable quest event runs every hour, starting at 10' within the hour and ends at 50' within the hour. Three different types of repeatable quests are currently up and running: find item, slay creature or procure item, each with variations. A new command has been added that can be used by anyone to see the daily quest rankings! Type [rankings to see the current ranking. Each day the rankings reset at midnight. Only the first three highest ranked players receive a reward. Save the quest tokens you find for the new vendor stone in the custom mall with great items that use quest tokens as currency!

The hourly repeatable quest counts towards 3 ranks and quest tokens. The arrow towards the goal will not be displayed by default; you will have to use [rankings and then opt in (click the + button on the gump) for the quest arrow to show up, after 10 seconds and if in the right facet, once you see the facet in the announcement of the quest at 10' after the hour, go to that facet and wait for a maximum of 1 minute. A cursor will automatically pop up to guide you to the quest objective. The fastest player wins the quest token and the increase in the daily quest rankings!

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