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T-Map Guide

This is general info of how to do treasure hunting here at Outbreak UO.


Treasure Maps show the location of where a Treasure Chest is buried. The maps require Cartography skill to decode at which point it will no longer say it is tattered but will become Blessed and display the location of the buried treasure chest. They can be obtained from various creatures as listed on: Treasure Map Spawn.

A map may decoded by another person, but the person digging up the map must still have the minimum required Cartography skill for the level of treasure map. Mining skill helps, as high skill allows you to dig for the chest without being more than a tile away.

Mining skill is not required to dig up a treasure chest. However, the higher a character's Mining skill, the further away from the exact spot they can be when attempting to dig up the chest. With no Mining skill, the digger must be directly on the correct spot where the chest is buried. Note that the skill bonus from the Mining Gloves or the Jacob's Pickaxe count on these calculations.


Mining Skill Radius

0         1 tile

51       2 tiles

81       3 tiles

100     4 tiles



  • Find the location the treasure map points to.

  • Use a shovel or a pickaxe and target the treasure map.

  • When the new targeting cursor appears, target the spot on the ground the chest is believed located to begin digging. If no treasure is found there, try digging somewhere else nearby.

  • If the correct location is dug, the digger will automatically keep digging and the chest will appear and begin slowly rising up from the ground.

Lookout! When a chest is fully dug up 4 to 8  guardians will suddenly appear around it and try to attack the digger. Especially on higher level treasure maps, casting Invisibility on the digger just as the chest finally finishes rising out of the ground can help save their life. Hiding skill may also used for this, but with both methods precise timing is crucial. 

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