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Creatures & Sensing Skill

About the Skill:

“I sense there are trees nearby.”
“We’re in a forest.”

Tracking is a skill that allows the character to know if invisible or hidden characters, monsters, or other NPCs are around. The things detected do not become visible, but can be located and followed around (by an arrow constantly pointing in the target's direction).

Having higher Tracking skill allows characters to track characters with higher Hiding or Stealth skills, allows objects in a broader ranger to be detected, and allows objects to be detected more reliably.

It is currently most useful in PvP combat. Even with very little skill it is possible to reliably track most other visible characters, making it far more difficult for them to flee.

Humans have an inferred minimum of 20 skill points in Tracking, due to their Jack of all Trades trait.

How to train:

0 - 40: Train from Walker The Tracking Instructor in New Haven. You will find him NW of the bank in front of a house near the water (@Drachenfels)
40 - 100: Use the skill.
It does not matter if you select a target to track or not you will still gain as long as the tracking window opened.

For accelerated skill Gain to 50 get the quest from Walker The Tracking Instructor in New Haven. you will also receive Blessed leather pants Walker's Leggings.

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