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Taste Identification

Creatures & Sensing Skill

About the Skill:

“Does this milk taste bad to you?”

There are few more perilous jobs in the world than that of “official taster.” But in Britannia, with a bit of skill in Taste ID, you can both protect yourself from “accidental” poisoning and keep track of your potions and potion kegs.

Taste Identification allows players to detect the contents of an unknown potion keg or if food has had poison applied to it. It is considered a Useless Skill and the few players that undertake it do so for mainly roleplaying reasons.

To use Taste ID to determine the contents of a Potion or Potion Keg, or to test your food for inadvertent poisoning:

Click the blue gem next to the Taste Identification skill on your skill list.
Target the potion or food you wish to taste.
If successful, you are told what type of potion you tasted, or, if you tasted food, whether it is poisoned.

How to train:

0 - 30: Can be trained at NPC Baker or Cook
0 - 75: Taste ID a piece of food (most commonly fishsteaks) that has been poisoned. One piece should get you to 75 though it slows significantly at 60 skill. Scrolls of Alacrity can make this much easier.
75 - 100: Currently there seems no way to gain above 75 through normal methods. Every item you taste starting at 75 will be too easy to get a gain from even a GGS. To get around this many use the satyr trick and SoTs.

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