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Rogue Skill

About the Skill:

"Shhh! Quit pointing at me! I’m being stealthy!"
Stealth is a skill in Ultima Online that by default is categorized under "Thievery" for obvious reasons.

Stealth allows a character to move silently while maintaining invisibility, but it becomes much easier to detect such a character compared to Hiding.

This skill also counts towards your ability to perform Special Moves.

A character must have at least 30.0 in Hiding to be able to use Stealth. Otherwise, the message "You are not hidden well enough. Become better at hiding." will display.

It has been suggested by some players that you will not fail stealth checks with 60.0 Stealth and while wearing medable armor, though this might not cover the effect of passive (as well as active) detect hidden skill of the players around the stealther.

1 Usage
2 Training
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To perform Stealth:

The character must have at least 30.0 Hiding.
Dismount any pet; Stealth cannot be used while riding.
Enter Hiding state, either through Hiding, Invisibility, a potion, etc.
Activate the Stealth skill. If successful, a message will appear stating "You begin to move silently." and the character will remain grey while moving. No footstep sound will play.
Take a walking step (not running.) At 25.0 Stealth or higher, the effect will activate automatically when a character attempts to walk while hidden.
Every 5 levels of Stealth increases the distance a character may walk before a skill check (e.g. 80 Stealth = 16 safe steps per successful skill check.)
Note that performing any action that would cancel hidden state will also cancel stealth state, other than moving of course.

Running while in stealth state will halve the number of safe steps and will -always- fail the stealth check afterward.

Stealthing is more difficult when wearing heavier armor, which is also a factor in training. To stealth successfully once it has been trained, don't wear anything heavier than Leather Armor or Mage Armor.

How to train:

Training Stealth
0-30 Purchase training from a Thief Guildmaster
30-65 Stealth while wearing leather (add a piece at a time as it gets higher.) Don't use a helmet.
65-95 Stealth while wearing studded leather (add a piece at a time as it gets higher.) Don't use a helmet.
95-120 Stealth while wearing ringmail armor and a Close Helmet.

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