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Spirit Speak

Magical Skill

About the Skill:

The Spirit Speak skill is used to heal players by channeling spiritual energy. Spiritual energy can be channeled from either a corpse or the player using the skill. If a corpse is not available, then the player will channel his or her own energy (mana).

Ghost Talk
Listening to Others
If you manually activate Spirit Speak and successfully channel your spiritual energy, you will hear what ghosts say instead of OooOOOoOo. At 100 skill or higher you automatically hear what ghosts say and don't have to activate Spirit Speak.

Speaking to Others
When you are a ghost and have 100 Spirit Speak or more, living players will hear what you say instead of OOooOoOoo.

Necromancy Spells
Spell Damage and Duration
Spirit Speak is to Necromancy as Evaluating Intelligence is to Magery. Spirit Speak affects the damage and duration of Necromancy spells.

How to train:

Activate the skill either by macro or skill button.

Spirit Speak will raise when Necromancy spells are cast. If you are training a Necromancer it is best to let Spirit Speak raise passively until you finish training. Once Necromancy is at the level you want, the quickest way to raise Spirit Speak is:

Turn into Lich Form if able.
Summon a Shadow Wisp if able.
Wear 40% Lower Mana Cost, 2 Faster Casting, and 6 Faster Cast Recovery.
Wear as much Mana Regeneration as possible.
Equip a weapon.
Cast Curse Weapon over and over.
Movement is not necessary to gain.

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