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Remove Trap

Rogue Skill

About the Skill:

The skilled rogue can disarm traps using the Remove Trap skill.

This skill can be used to be remove traps placed in cities for Vice vs Virtue battles.

This skill used to be useful in Factions as it is the only way to remove enemy Faction Traps.

Remove Trap was changed in Publish 105 and no longer requires Detect Hidden

To use the Remove Trap skill:

Click the blue gem next to the skill on your Skill List.
Target the item that you wish to disarm.
If you are successful in your attempt, the trap is disarmed and you can then attempt to pick the lock of the container. If, however, your fingers slip and you fail to disarm the trap, there is a chance it may be set off. Traps that are set off often reset themselves, requiring another Remove Trap attempt.

This skill is quite risky and you would be wise to practice it with caution. Wearing gloves can hinder your ability to disarm traps, as the delicate inner works of certain traps require a fine touch.

For those in search of Treasure Chests made available by digging at the location of a Treasure Map this skill is a necessity. After lockpicking such a chest any attempt to open it will only show a message indicating that Remove Trap skill should be used on it. This can be done from any adjacent space to the chest and will show another message indicating that you are manipulating the chest's trap mechanism. On a failure the chest will spawn one dark-blue-shaded, loot-less guardian of the appropriate type for the level of the chest, which must be defeated before another attempt may be made. The character will also simultaneously take a leveled amount of damage meaning that each failed attempt is doubly dangerous.

How to train:

0 - 30: Train at Tinker or Thief. (shop around, I found a Thief Guildmaster that gave 33.2)
Arrange to have a tinker create 100 dart trapped boxes. You will need 3 different skill tinkerer levels: 50, 80, and 100. Arrange 20 boxes and put all the keys on a keyring for each backpack. Unlock and relock the boxes to activate the traps again. Make sure to wear a 70 physical resistance suit because you will be damaged on some failures. A method of healing will be needed also.

30 - 50: Use on 50 skill trapped boxes.
50 - 80: Use on 80 skill trapped boxes.
80 - 100: Use on 100 skill trapped boxes.
It is best to train Remove Trap on a character with Tinkering so you can easily re-trap boxes you disarm. A Soulstone can be used later to transfer the skill to your intended character.

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