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Bardic Skill

About the Skill:

Using the Provocation skill, a player has a chance to make two creatures fight each other. It is one of the most powerful skills in the game.

Beware that if you fail the monsters will look for a new target, you.

Provocation is difficulty-based skill. Some monsters are much more difficult to provoke than others, depending on their Barding Difficulty.

Once two creatures are fighting each other, they will continue to do so until either the provoking bard leaves their line of sight or one is killed.

How to train:

Good Bard Knowledge
Bard Masteries can be used to train Musicianship and other bard skills.
A musical instrument obtained from a Carpenter with less than 80.0 skill or an NPC-bought instrument adds no benefits.
A GM Carpenter created instrument adds 10% to your success chance.
A Slayer Instrument adds 20% to your success chance if the creature type matches, or removes 20% if it doesn't match.
With 100.0 Musicianship, you will have a 100% chance to pass the first skill check when Provoking or Peacemaking. With higher than 100.0, you will have an even better chance, but this may actually slow your training in the skill.
Method 1
I have and always will use the boat method for training provoke.

Line up your boats so they are all next to each other lengthwise. So now you can open the plank for all 3 and walk across. Get on the middle boat and move it back about 3-4 tiles. Stand on the middle and put your targets on separate ships.

0 - 30: Purchase Training from an NPC bard or provoke birds, rabbits and other low-level wildlife
30 - 40: Cows, Hinds, Sheep, most farm animals
40 - 65: Bulls, Scorpions, Great Harts, Polar Bears, Gamans
65 - 90: Giant Beetles (Best gains)
90 - 100: Hiryus work great to break the 90 skill barrier.
100 - 110: Cu Sidhes

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