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Rogue Skill

About the Skill:

Ninjitsu is the main skill of the Ninja, and combines the arts of stealth, espionage and assassination. With it, and the Book of Ninjitsu (purchased from Tokuno Islands scribe NPCs or looted from NPC Ninja), a Ninja can evoke a number of special abilities including transforming into a variety of creatures that give unique bonuses, using stealth to attack unsuspecting opponents or just plain disappear into thin air!

This skill also counts towards your ability to perform Special Moves.

Ninjitsu also benefits from a Mastery: Intuition, Shadow and White Tiger Form.

How to train:

A good suit of properties will make training quicker. Wear 40% Lower Mana Cost and as much Mana Regeneration as you can. Casting Animal Form appears to have no effect on active Meditation; you can double your natural mana regeneration rate during Ninjitsu training sessions if you first activate the meditation skill, remain in the same location, and then cast Animal Form.

0 - 40: Purchase training from a NPC at the Ninja Dojo in New Haven. If character is a murderer, you will have to cast Animal Form and turn into a Rat or Rabbit until 50.
40 - 50: Complete the new player quest The Art of Stealth.
50 - 60: Summon Mirror Images. Attack your mirror images so they will disappear.
60 - 70: Use Focus Attack
70 - 85: Use Shadow Jump
85 - 90: Use Death Strike
90 - 120: Use Shadow cast it on and off rapidly.
Gains may be slow or cease entirely from 57.5 - 60 using Summon Mirror Image. You may wish to start using Focus Attack on your mirror summons. There are 2 different ways to train with Focus Attack and Death Strike. Either attack a pet that is guarding you on the Trammel facet (you must not be in a guild) or summon a Mirror Image to attack on the Felucca facet. Alternatively, Shadow Jump seems to work effectively from 55-70; however, it will not work inside of a player house.

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