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Magical Skill

About the Skill:

Necromancy is the skill relating to the study and casting of dark magic. With a Necromancer Spellbook, you can curse your foes, animate the dead, transform into wicked creatures, and more.

To use the skill, you simply have to cast any of the spells available to you in the spellbook. The more proficient you become at the skill, the more successful and powerful your spells will become.

Necromancy also benefits from a Mastery: Enchanted Summoning, Command Undead and Conduit.

How to train:

Wearing a good suit will greatly improve training. The most important property will be 100% Lower Reagent Cost forgo using reagents. Other desirable properties include: 40% Lower Mana Cost, 2 Faster Casting, 6 Faster Cast Recovery, and as much Mana Regeneration as possible.

0 - 40: Train at NPC Necromancer in New Haven
40 - 50: Cast Pain Spike on yourself
50 - 70: Cast Horrific Beast
70 - 90: Cast Wither
90 - 100: Cast Lich Form
100 - 120: Cast Vampiric Embrace

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