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Magical Skill

About the Skill:

“Monnnn-guhhhh-baaaatttt.” - Ancient meditative mantra

Mana, the powerful substance used in casting spells from scrolls or spellbooks, as well as in the practice of Inscription and execution of Special Moves, is as rich as gold to any who use its power on a daily basis. The Meditation skill allows your character to increase the rate at which they regenerate mana.

Although simply having some ability in meditation is enough to improve your regenerative rate, you may also invoke the skill directly. If successful at active meditation then your overall regeneration rate will double, that is until you perform ANY action other then party/guild chat or are attacked. An invis'ed or hidden character will be revealed if he or she actively meditates.

A character receives neither passive nor active Meditation bonuses while wearing non-medable armor unless it has Mage Armor as an item property. Many warriors instead take up the Focus skill, which has similar effects to Meditation but no armor-based limitations.

How to train:

Each time the Meditation skill is activated via macro or skill button you have a chance to gain.

Each time 1 mana is regenerated Meditation has a chance to gain. It is most effective to keep your mana constantly below maximum if you are actively trying to train Meditation. Movement is not necessary to gain - In fact, if you have a Cloak of Corruption, the process is trivial.

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