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Magical Skill

About the Skill:

Inscribed in a steady hand and imbued with the power of reagents, a scroll can mean the difference between life and death in a perilous situation. Those knowledgeable in Inscription may transcribe spells to create useful magical scrolls.

In order to copy a spell to Scroll form, you need to be carrying a spellbook which already contains that spell. When a scribe crafts a spellbook there is a chance it will get up to 3 magical properties. These properties can be Faster Casting, Faster Cast Recovery, Lower Mana Cost, Lower Reagent Cost, Mana Increase, Mana Regeneration, Spell Damage Increase, Intelligence Bonus and some mage related Skills(Magery, Eval. Int., Meditation and Resist). All the properties can be up to 80% of the intensity range they normally spawn in. The amount and intensity of the properties on a spellbook depends on your Magery skill. At 80 Magery you can get 1 property, at 90 Magery you can get 2 properties and at 100 Magery you can get 3 properties. At 110 and 120 Magery you can still only get 3 properties, but you will have a higher chance of getting them. Inscription Recipes, however, are required to Craft some such items.

The direct use of Inscription on a standard Book can be used to quickly create an exact copy. Their contents can then be locked with the use of Red Leaves; this process is handy for creating "advertising leaflets" for player run events and auctions.

A GM Scribe gains a +10% Spell Damage Increase to any Magery spells cast and an additional 5% bonus to Casting Focus which can exceed the item cap.

Caster's inscription skill also affects following spells:

Protection: Allows you to cast spells without being interrupted.
Lowers physical resistance 15% - (Inscription/20). At GM inscription, Physical lowers 10%.
Lowers resist magic skill 35% - (Inscription/20). At GM Inscription, Resist lowers 30%
Increases spell casting delay. ( Inscription has no effect here )
Reactive Armor: Increases Physical Resistance ( +15% + Inscription/20 ) , decreases elemental resistances (-5% each).
With 0 Inscription (+15 , -5 , -5 , -5 ,-5)
At GM Inscription (+20 , -5 ,-5 , -5 , -5)
Magic Reflection: Decreases Physical Resistance ( -20% + Inscription/20 ), increases elemental resistances ( +10% each).
With 0 Inscription (-20 , +10 , +10 , +10 , +10 and -5 max physical resist)
At GM Inscription (-15 , +10 , +10 , +10 , +10 and -5 max physical resist)
It should be noted that the Jack of All Trades for humans works as if they had 20 Inscription skill points.

How to train:

Before training you will need to obtain many thousands of Blank Scrolls and Reagents. Exact numbers will be added in the future. Scribe's Pens are used for all craftables.

Buying scrolls and reagents from vendors is the easiest, and sometimes, the cheapest way to go. You can buy out a particular vendor of their wares, and within 20-30 minutes (it's random) that item will respawn at double the quantity up to a maximum of 999. So in other words, if you stay with it, you could be farming vendors for Blank Scrolls and Reagents and buying 999 of each at a time.

0 - 30: Buy from a NPC Mage or Scribe.
30 - 55: Make 4th Circle Scrolls.
55 - 65: Make 5th Circle Scrolls.
65 - 85: Make 6th Circle Scrolls.
85 - 94: Make 7th Circle Scrolls.
94 - 100: Make 8th Circle Scrolls.
You may also perform the Scribing Arcane Knowledge up to skill level 50 if you stay within the New Haven Mage Library. This will reward you with a Hallowed Spellbook

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