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Crafting Skill

About the Skill:

"Runic Hammers are a high-stakes roll of the dice... Imbuing is loaded dice" - Tancred
Imbuing is a magical crafting Skill added with the release of Ultima Online: Stygian Abyss. It allows players to adjust or add specific equipment item properties. Imbuing is a stand-alone skill. You do not need to be able to craft the item you are imbuing. Those who imbue items are known as Artificers.

Imbuing requires specific resources, some of which are first harvested (or "unraveled") from existing magic items. It also requires gems; the greater the intensity selected, the more gems you will need. The unraveling attempt includes a chance to destroy the item and failing to garner any resources from it. Similar to Blacksmithy requiring a forge, you must stand next to a Soul Forge to imbue or unravel items.

Imbuing Power Scrolls can be obtained by completing the quests Secrets of the Soulforge, Knowledge of the Soulforge and Mastering the Soulforge. The Gargoyle Race has the racial ability Master Artisan which increases their unraveling yields and imbuing success chance.

How to train:

0 - 40 - Purchase from one of the Gargoyle Artificers standing around the public Soulforge in Ter Mur
40 - 50 - Craft plain Leather Caps and imbue with Reflect Physical Damage (citrine and magical residue) , starting at 8% and raising to 11%
50 - 70- Craft Butcher Knives or Daggers and imbue with Hit Dispel
70 - 120- Craft Exceptional Heavy Platemail Jingasas and imbue with Reflect Physical Damage

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