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Rogue Skill

About the Skill:

“If I close my eyes, they can’t see me. Right?”

Danger may lurk behind every tree, deep in darkened dungeons, or simply in the intentions of the rogue walking behind you. With sufficient skill in Hiding, you can disappear into the shadows whenever necessary.

The chance of hiding successfully is directly equal to that of the Hiding skill. Characters may not hide close to creatures that are actively hostile towards them, although at higher levels of Hiding the distance between the character and the monster may be lessened. At GM Hiding, a character may hide in plain sight of a hostile monster or other player only 8 tiles away. Having creatures neutral nearby to a character has no effect on the chances of concealment, just hostile ones.

Like the Detecting Hidden skill, Hiding is always successful within a player's own house. Although this has not always been the case, skill gain will be just as quick as anywhere else.

A proficient Snooper can peer into the packs of other players while remaining hidden, and the art of Ninjitsu also relies somewhat on the ability to remain unseen. The Stealth skill furthermore allows characters to move while out of sight. The Smoke Bomb let a ninja hide while still in combat.

Unlike the Invisibility spell, the effect of hiding does not wear off and leaves a character safe until they perform another action. Equipping items, looting one's own corpse or moving objects around in their backpack will not reveal a character, nor will the use of the guild/party chat.

Be warned that when successfully hiding while under the attentions of powerful magic-using monsters, they will stop in their tracks and cast Reveal on the character's last seen location. While they are occupied in this process it is wise to consider moving away from that location.

You can use Fire Horn while you are hidden.

How to train:

0 - 33: Pay Chiyo the Hiding Instructor for the ultimate or Gypsies, Rangers, Thieves for a less effective training lesson.
33 - 50: Accept Chiyos quest "Becoming One With The Shadows" for accelerated skill gain while training hiding inside the Ninja Dojo.
50 - 100: Hide in your house (where you cannot fail), Stealth, repeat. The use of the stealth skill lowers the timer before you can hide again by a few seconds, hence allowing you to gain at a faster rate. As you can't stealth unless you are already hidden the house is used to ensure success.

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