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Bardic Skill

About the Skill:

Music may soothe the savage beast, but playing a few clashing notes will weaken even the strongest of creatures.

To discord a creature you:

Click the blue gem next to the skill on your skill list.
Click on the creature you wish to discord.
If successful, your target will lose a percentage of its skills and stats. The percentage lost is dependant on your Discordance skill. For instance, at 50.0 skill, the target loses 10% from all stats and skills; and at 100.0 skill the target loses 20% from all stats and skills. Once the effect wears off, the target's skill and stats will return to normal. (Does not affect player characters.)

The base range of all bard abilities is 8 tiles, with each 15 points of skill in the ability being used increasing this range by one tile. Bards must be within this range of the target to use the ability. Furthermore, the bard must remain within this range or the ability's effect ends.

Once Discordance has been used on a target, the bard must remain alive, visible, and within range of the target or the effect ends. Regarding creatures with “Dragon AI” (such as daemons, drakes, hellhounds, nightmares, and, of course, dragons): if at any point the bard moves while using any barding song, that may compel the creature to retarget on the moving character.

How to train:

Discordance uses the same success/failure calcuation formula as Provocation, so training methods are identical in terms of what creatures to discord at what level.

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