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Crafting Skill

About the Skill:

"This pizza tastes wonderful! What’s on it?"

The art of Cooking is likely the least useful of crafting skills, but does offer a wide range of "decorative" items. The ability to place personalised messages on things such as Cakes adds a special flavor to role-playing situations.

While most food officially grants no benefits other then a small Stamina boost when eaten, Egg Bombs and Enchanted Apples can be of great value in PvP situations. Savage Kin Paint can also be used to prevent morph spells being used on those who apply it (especially helpful when battling Barracoon the Piper).

Chefs will often find that they need an Oven nearby to create their masterpieces, though in some cases a simple Heating Stand will suffice. The serious cook will also install a Flour Mill and Water Trough in his or her home, and perhaps even hire an NPC Barkeep Vendor.

How to train:

Start with 50 on a new character, or buy from an NPC Baker to around 30.

Barbecued items are easiest for training, since they only require raw meat, and no water. These can be made out of a single piece of meat each, so you can collect more while you're gathering Leather or out Fishing.

Targeting a stack of meat will cook the entire lot in one go and give much faster gains then cooking one slab at a time. You'll require less meat overall if you take the slow method, however. Going from 0 to 100.0 skill will take about 20,000 Cooking attempts, but your mileage may vary.

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