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Combat Skill

About the Skill:

Chivalry is one of the 58 Skills of Ultima Online and is the primary talent of any character calling itself a Paladin.

Chivalry allows a fighter such as a Swordsman to utilize a limited set of spells that would not be feasible with Magery. These spells include healing, curing of poison, improved strength, and holy magic damage.

Chivalry skills require a Book of Chivalry in the caster's inventory, available from any Keeper of Chivalry in the town of Luna, and consume mana as well as their exclusive resource, Tithing Points (see below.) Their rate of success is determined by the Chivalry skill, while the power and duration of their effects is based on the caster's karma -- higher karma is better.

Tithing Points

Chivalry spells consume Tithing Points, which can only be restored by donating gold to ankhs. These must be functional ankhs at which a player can resurrect.

One gold will provide one Tithing Point, and Chivalry spells generally consume 10~20 per cast. A character may hold up to 100,000 Tithing Points at one time -- any further donations will be refunded to the backpack.

Tithing Point costs are affected by Lower Reagent Costs, but the Book of Chivalry's displayed costs will not update to reflect this.

Chivalry Spells manifest the 10 magic abilities of Paladins. As with Magery, Mysticism, Necromancy, and Spellweaving, a spellbook specific to the dicipline must be in the first level of a character's backpack for the applicable spell to be cast. And like all spells, Words of Power are invoked. In this instance, the Paladin's spellbook is the Book of Chivalry. They can be purchased for 140 Gold from NPCs in Luna with the title of Keeper of Chivalry.

How to train:

Wearing a good suit will also help make training more speedy and less costly. Like raising most other spell-based skills, with 100% Lower Reagent Cost, no tithing points will be consumed. Also wear the maximum Lower Mana Cost (40%), up to 4 Faster Casting, and 6 Faster Cast Recovery. Also get as much Mana Regeneration as possible.

Oh, and get a lot of money as you will be donating quite a bit for Tithing Points.

When not actively grinding it, Chivalry will generally raise itself quickly enough by playing a Paladin normally, as the tougher the monsters fought the more likely the higher skills will be used more frequently (and can be afforded!) All the same, the following progression is recommended for grinding Chivalry:

0 - 30: Purchase skill points from an NPC Paladin;
30 - 45: Hold a weapon in hand and cast Consecrate Weapon;
45 - 60: Cast Divine Fury;
60 - 70: Cast Enemy of One;
70 - 90: Cast Holy Light; and
90 - 115: Cast Noble Sacrifice.
After 115, without exploiting Discordance only the Guaranteed Gain System will provide any further gains, as every Chivalry spell has a 100% success chance at 115 skill and higher.

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