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Crafting Skill

About the Skill:

"We’ve been traveling in circles for hours now. Where are we?"
"Check the map."
"We have a map?"

Cartography is used to create maps of your immediate surroundings, up to and including the entire world. It is an essential skill for those who wish to go treasure hunting. You require a Mapmaker's Pen in order to craft maps of your own.

You may only draw maps in the facets of Trammel and Felucca. Trying to draw maps elsewhere results in an indecipherable Map. NPC Mapmaker Vendors will sell you standard maps to draw on but you can also overwrite the pre-drawn copies they sell. Blank Scrolls can also be used to create maps.

Note that while Cartography is required to initially decode Treasure Maps (done by double clicking them, this removes the term "tattered" from their title), once this is done any character can read them.

How to train:

Take roughly 3000 gold to a Mapmaker in Felucca (where prices are cheaper). Buy blank maps and pens, and sell your completed work as you go. With luck you won't have to return to the bank for more funds. (this method works fine for Production Shards, but not on Siege or Mugen)

0 - ~30 - Buy from NPC Mapmaker (prodo shard, again).
30 - 50 - Local Maps.
50 - 65 - City Maps.
60 - 70 - Sea Charts.
70 - 99.5 - World Maps.
99.5 - 100 - Level 3 and 4 Treasure Maps

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