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Bowcraft & Fletching

Crafting Skill

About the Skill:

The art of bowcraft and fletching allows bowyers to rely on the forests of Britannia for their weaponry. One who truly lives off the land, a bowyer may carve his bows, crossbows, arrows and bolts from the very trees around him, thus avoiding the need to ever venture to town.

Fletchers create bows and arrows for use by Archers, using Wood and Feathers as working materials. Because they also deal with Boards, the Lumberjacking and Carpentry skills complement Fletching well.

Quite a few bows require special Recipes in order to craft, some of which are quite rare. It's recommended to train your skill in Heartwood so as to obtain them prior to requiring them. Runic Fletching Kits can also be earnt there on occasion.

Quivers are useful items that are also of interest to Archers, however these are created by Tailors instead of Fletchers.

How to train:

In order to practise Fletching, you will require a set of Fletcher's Tools.

0 - 30: Buy it from an NPC Fletcher
30 - 35: Shafts
35 - 55: Bows
55 - 60: Fukiya Darts
60 - 70: Crossbows
70 - 80: Composite Bows
80 - 90: Heavy Crossbows
90 - 100: Repeating Crossbows

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