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Anatomy (Mod)

Creatures & Sensing Skill

About the Skill:

Anatomy can be used in three ways:

Passively increases the combat damage you deal.
Passively adds amount healed to yourself, NPC's, or other players.
Actively check the Dexterity and Strength of another player, animal, or monster.
It formally belonged in the Useless Skill group until it was linked to Healing and Damage Bonuses.

You will also receive a bonus to the Evasion ability if your Anatomy is 100.0 or better.

How to train:

Activate the skill via macro or skill button and target a creature other than yourself.

Each time you hit a creature with a weapon or fists you have a chance to gain Anatomy. This is the preferred method of training the skill, requiring less effort and time. You can also gain anatomy passively when using the Healing skill.

New Haven
You can gain from 0-50 faster if you do the New Player Quests you will also receive the Tunic of Guarding

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