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Magical Skill

About the Skill:

Interesting fact: If you brush some dust off a corpse and grind it just a little finer... You get one of the most explosive substances known to man.

Alchemists in Ultima Online do not turn lead into gold; instead, they create magic potions. High level Alchemists can learn Glassblowing, and with Alchemy Recipes, craft 3 special potions and 1 decorative item.

As your skill improves you gain an Enhance Potions bonus of 1% for every 3.3 skill points achieved (30% at 99). This is on top of any bonus given by your equipment and hence not subject to your equipment cap (granting you a maximum benefit of 80%). Since Publish 73, the skill also ensures you always have an effective Enhance Potions value of at least your Alchemy skill divided by 2, regardless of your worn equipment.

Trained alchemists can identify the contents of Potion Kegs by removing a potion from them. Once checked in this way, the potion type becomes visible to all players.

How to train:

You will need dozens of empty Potion Kegs, hundreds of Mortar and Pestles, an Empty Bottle, and these reagents:

2,500 Black Pearl
2,500 Blood Moss
5,000 Mandrake Root
10,000 Ginseng
20,000 Garlic
14,000 Grave Dust
When you make your first potion, dump it into an empty Potion Keg located in your backpack by dropping the potion on it. Each subsequent potion of that kind made after that will automatically be added to that keg. Click Make Max on the specific potion's description page to make the Max number of potions automatically. Once the keg is full, your bottles will be filled as well. Grab a new empty keg, and dump the potions into the new keg, and keep filling kegs this way until you reach the next level of potions to make. Having a Crystal Ball of Knowledge will help you to achieve optimal skill gain.

0 - 30: Train at NPC Alchemist.
30 - 45: Agility Potion.
45 - 55: Strength Potion.
55 - 65: Greater Agility Potion.
65 - 75: Greater Strength Potion.
75 - 85: Greater Heal Potion.
85 - 95: Greater Cure Potion.
95 - 100: Greater Conflagration Potion.
For a power gaming technique to train this skill see Satyr Trick

Excess Greater Heal, Greater Cure, Greater Strength and Greater Poison potions have a market with players into Gardening as those potions are used with growing plants.

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