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Monetary System


All ways to spend within the server are explained here.

All ways to spend currency within the server are explained here.

We have several types of currencies for our beloved players.

Gold Pieces The most common is gold pieces, with which you can buy items in several places that accept the most famous currency in Sosaria. These include, the player vendor mall and the Gold Vendor Mall, both located at the Public Gate (Vendors).

Silver Tokens

Then we have the silver tokens, which are possible to get from monster loot (normal monsters may drop one token but some bosses and strong monsters can give much more). Silver tokens are also obtained from some specific quests. They can be spent in the Token Vendor Area in the Public Gate (under Vendors).

Quest Tokens

We also have quest tokens, which are obtained when completing any of the quests in the Quest Hall at the Public Gate (Custom Places) and certain other places, like the Magi of Sosaria training are (Training Area 3 under new players in the public gate). There is a quest at the moment in the Quest hall that will give you 15 quest tokens upon completion, but it is for experienced adventurers only! With these quest tokens you can buy some exciting items (more will be added over time) to improve your life and levelable items, from the vendor stone located in front of the Center Mall.

Online Reward Items There items offer players an incentive and rewards for staying online! Unique rewards await you that use this currency under Vendors-Reward Items.

Voting Tokens

Voting tokens are obtained every time a players votes for the shard, either using the voting stone in front of Britain bank or the [vote command. Unique rewards await you once you have accumulated enough voting tokens. They can be spent in the vendor stone next to the voting stone. Voting is for our world is very important in order to built a vibrant community of players. Please vote every 12 hours (for most voting sites). We have made the rewards in the voting stone worth your time.

Moon coins

Finally, we have the moon coins, the currency that can be acquired by donating to the server. With these coins you can buy several unique items in the Donation Room at the Public Gate (Vendors). However, donations are not the only way to obtain this currency; experienced fishers can obtains these coins from SOS chests, so get your fishing gear ready!!!

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