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Loot and Claim System


Various ways to collect resources and items.

Various ways to collect resources and items from corpses and the world.

At the moment we have two different loot systems for players to choose from; both are automatic but each one uses its own bag. The first is the loot bag (everyone gets one for free and you can get it in the training area), and it works as follows:

To select what you want your loot bag to collect from monster loot, you type [claim -t and select the bag. This will open a gump that allows you to select the item types you want your bag to collect. The command to use on one corpse is [claim and for area claim is [grab.

The other system we have is a purchased Master Storage, you can find it in the Storage Tools Stone Vendor (for 100k gold) in front of the Gold Vendor area near Britain Bank. This system is more complete than the previous one as it will store the gold from the corpses and allow you to make checks. Also when you single-click this bag you will see some options. The command to use with this Master Storage to collect loot around you is [loot

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