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Want to show off your hunting skills? everything has a way.

The Huntmaster at the Skara Brae Ranger’s Guild offers a monthly challenge for hunting various species throughout Britannia.

Obtain a hunting permit from him using his context menu,It will cost you 5,000gp, and the funds must be available in your bank box.

Double click on the hunting permit and target the corpse of a valid species to record the kill.

The Permit will display the Hunter’s Name, Date of the Kill, Location of the Kill, Species of the Kill, and a measurement for the Kill, in most cases this measurement is the weight of the creature, but alligators are judged by their length and eagles by their wingspan

A skilled carpenter with a taxidermy kits can use your hunting permit to create a trophy for display; tiger trophies created from kills after publish 98 will match the color of the tiger killed. The permit is not consumed in this process.

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