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Custom T-Maps


Treasures buried by adventurers are in need of an owner.

Discover treasures buried by other adventurers!

A plethora of custom items can be found in our custom Treasure-Map (T-Map) Hunting system! All you need is a shovel, a t-map and good perception to identify the nearby area displayed on the map. Mining skill helps by increasing the area around the spot you 're trying to dig. To begin the process of unearthing the chest, you can double-click on the shovel, and then target the t-map twice when prompted. If you are in the right spot, the digging animation will begin.

If you need some help on how to conduct a treasure hunt please click on the following link:

T-Map Guide.

Treasure maps can found as loot in creatures or inside paragon chests. A good monster to kill that's not hard and sometimes gives you a chest with a treasure map inside is the Miasma. Miasma is an extremely fast, named scorpion that spawns in the Labyrinth. Be wary of her lethal poison, Mortal Strike, and close proximity to Rend.

At the moment we have the following custom items that can spawn inside treasure map chests:

Spellcraft Apron - Cloth that you are able to use the spellcraft system on. Spellcraft Cloak - same as above.

Spellcraft Fancy Shirt - same as above.

Spellcraft Kilt - same as above.

Spellcraft Macebelt - same as above.

Spellcraft Robe - same as above.

Spellcraft Sash - same as above.

One handed Deed - Makes a two handed weapon into one handed.

Hit Cold Area Deed - will add 2% of this property to a weapon.

Hit Dispel Deed - same as above.

Hit Energy Area Deed - same as above.

Hit Fire Area Deed - same as above.

Hit Fireball Deed - same as above.

Hit Harm Deed - same as above.

Hit Leech Hits - same as above.

Hit Lightning Deed - same as above.

Hit Lower Attack Deed - same as above.

Hit Lower Defense Deed - same as above.

Hit Magic Arrow Deed - same as above.

Hit Leech Mana - same as above.

Hit Physical Area Deed - same as above.

Hit Poison Area - same as above.

Hit Leech Stam - same as above.

Weapon Speed Deed - same as above.

Weapon Damage Deed - same as above.

Magic Cloth Deed - Random cloth piece with a random skill from 1 to 10. Add Luck Deed - adds 100 luck to an item.

Pet Slot Deed - adds 1 to max pet slot (10 slots is max).

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