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Custom Dungeon Chests


The rewards trapped inside dungeon chests are better than ever.

The locked chests (which require lockpicking) that can be found in dungeons now have a number of unique items to be picked up. Be careful as there will usually be a monster lurking around the corner. The new rewards are:


A good amount of gold in coins

Clothing Bless Deed - Allows you to bless a selected clothing

RAD - Random Artifact Deed - a good/bad random artifact

Commander Title Deed

Defender of Eodon Title Deed

Defender of Myrmidex Title Deed

Dragon Slayer Deed

Durability Bonus Deed

50k Gold Check

Flame of The Jukari Title Deed

100k Gold Check

Jewel Name Deed

Magic Cloth Deed - Random piece of cloth with a skill from 1 to 10

Naughty Title Deed

Pet Bond Deed

Punisher Title Deed

Random Snow Globe Deed

Repond Slayer Deed

Sash Deed - A random good sash.

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