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Camping & Outpost


Explore places and rest when needed.

In several places in the world some adventurers will leave some Outposts to be discovered, mainly in places of difficult access and that cannot have marked runes. When you see one of these abandoned Outposts, with 50 in the camping skill you will be able to light the fire and start your new shelter. With everything going well, you will be able to mark (if you have 50 in the skill) the location of this shelter (First you must buy in the city of Britain from the Adventurer NPC who is on the second floor of the bank, a Campers Map), so with 70 in the skill you will be able to add a tent to log out safely, with 90 skill you will be able to add an Ankh to resurrect yourself or other players and with 100 skill you will be able to place a bank chest.

These Outposts last for 1 hour until they revert to abandoned status. Now also, when creating a campfire (with Kindling) you will have the option to mark the place with a Campers Map.

This new system gives more purpose to unused skills.

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