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New Players

Here you will have all the instructions and tips to start at Oubreak UO Custom Shard.


How to Connect

Getting started on our server is very easy for players who are used to playing on servers around the world, but in case you have any doubts, we hope that this little tutorial will help you to connect if you are having any difficulties.

First you must have the game installed on your computer, for that click on the link below to download directly from the developer's website. Update to the fullest.

Ultima Online download. Click Here.

The second part is deciding which program you want to use to log in, at the moment we can refer you to UOSteam, Razor or ConnectUO, click on the desired link to download.

UOSteam dowload. Click Here

ClassicUO Download. Click Here.

Razor Download. Click Here.

Now, after downloading and installing the program to connect, you will have to enter our IP and Port to connect.

Shard IP: - Port 2593

With this information you should be able to connect, if you still need help, take a look at the links below to configure each program.

UOSteam Configuration. Click Here.

ClassicUO Configuration. Click Here.

Razor Configuration. Click Here.


New Player Guide

The first step is to create your first character, keep in mind that we have a new linguistics system and most players choose to be human, if you prefer to be a gargoyl or an elf, until you train the skill to a high degree, you will not understand what the other race will be talking about, your character starts with a statball of 220 and a skillball of 10x100 skills of your free choice.

Now that you have been teleported to the City of Britain as a new young player, it is advised that you first travel to the Training Area in the Public Gate. There you will find all items required to train your combat skills on the Training Servants. There are many NPCs in this area as well that will train your skills to a certain degree. In the vendor stones you can get a set of novice Warrior or Mage gear and all full spellbooks to start your journey. Once you have obtained your spell books, you may want to train a bit before heading out into the world.

You also get a Squire to help you on your journey, he is a company that must be trained (you can use servants in the training area), both skills and stats, and you must give full support to your ally providing armor, weapons and provisions such as bandages and arrows.

You also get a Squire to help you on your journey, he is a company that must be trained (you can use servants in the training area), both skills and stats, and you must give full support to your ally providing armor, weapons and provisions such as bandages and arrows.

If you feel you are ready, you can proceed to the Starter Dungeon in the Public Gate to a camp of monsters to begin earning money and finding yourself some items. It is advised to train a bit first though. Just to the west of where you came in is a small entrance where you can enter a more relaxed starting dungeon. In here you will find a couple very simple quests and some very basic monsters.

While slaying various monsters can be quite a bit of fun with varying challenges, some players prefer to invest their time to become a merchant.
If you would rather craft armor than slay beasts, you may want to travel to the Safe Mining Area where you can mine for ores to craft with. 
There are various mines throughout the world but this mine is under the protection of the town guards.

If you much rather become a carpenter or fletcher, Yew is the town for you.
Here you will find endless trees to harvest for logs that you will need to begin crafting. The surrounding forest is mostly under the protection of the town guards.
Straying too far may lead you to the Yew Graveyard or Yew Crypts, which are not places to be traveling as a merchant.

If you wish to be a fisherman, the best town to start out in is Vesper. The entire town is built on the water so there are countless spots to fish. 
Once you start catching fish you can either sell them or cook them. Selling them may be the best bet so you can afford to buy a boat.
Buying a boat allows you to travel the seas in search of treasures beyond fish and boots. Of course you may end up pulling in a monster or two as well.

If at any time you need help or have questions you can page the staff by selecting the Help button on your paperdoll or go to our Discord.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can i have my houses joined?

Yes, you can have your houses placed side by side, the first time is free to join two houses, more than that the player must pay 500k gold for the service.

What is the skill and stat cap?

Theres no skillcap limit, you can have all your skills at 100 and 120 with power scrolls, and the stat cap is 450 per char.

How many houses can i have per account?

You can have 3 total houses per char, more will be able via Donation.

How do I change my speech/emote color?

Open your options [Alt-O], click on the icon on the right side that looks like an eye [second one from the top], scroll down and click on speech color or emote color.

Can i be part of the Staff?

If you are a player on the server and have some knowledge in the area of ​​staffing, you can contact in Discord to see this possibility.

Why should i play on Outbreak UO?

Our server is located on a dedicated host, in addition to being built and taken care of by people who love the game and for several years playing as players have seen the difficulties and failures and tirelessly try to fix these problems.

Is there a player training room?

Yes, on our public gate in the "New Player" section you will find our training areas.

How do i obtain good items when i start playing?

In our training area theres a Donation Chest that contains lots of equips, weps and other free items, there are a couple new player quests that give away great starting items.

AFK Macro is allowed?

Yes, you can train your skills away from your computer.


Shard Caps

Stat Cap: 450

Skill Cap: Unlimited

Faster Casting: 6

Faster Casting Recovery: 8

Spell Damage Increase: 70

Lower Mana Cost: 70

Lower Reagent Cost: 100

Hit Chance Increase: 70
Defence Chance Increase: 70

Damage Increase: 300

Swing Speed Increase: 100

Hit Poing Regen: 10

Mana Regen: 10

Stamina Regen: 10

Cast on Walk: Enabled

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