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New farming area added in Britain, use the teleporter next to the river in Brit Bank to visit this area.

Beekeeper Vendor - New Bee Hiver system added to the vendor.  

Farmer - New tree harvest tool added for selling 

Fisherman - Lobster Trap added for selling 

Tailoring Tool - Added hooded robe and Leather hooded hobe for crafting 

New mini bosses added to tokuno and llshenar, they drop a random artifact scroll - hints will be added later on features.

Farm Hand - New vendor added in Britain Fields - check teleporter next to the river in Brit Bank. 

Gold Panning - New vendor added to Britain Docks. 

White Wizard clothing - Added to tailoring tool 

Plastic Surgeon - New Npc that sells beard restyling, body dye and other cosmetics for your body.

Faction Expert - New npc that sells an faction kick deed

Special Dye Tub Vendor - New npc that sells dye tubs with 5 uses each for armors, weapons etc... 

Spawned new mounts - Tarantula, Swamp Mare and Royal Charges


Changed the following caps:

Lower mana cost: From 40 to 80
Faster Casting: From 2 to 6
Faster Casting Recovery: From 4 to 8
Spell Damage Increase: From 15 to 70
Swing Speed Increase: From 30 to 60
Damage Increase: From 100 to 300
Defence Chance Increase: From 45 to 70
Hit Chance Increase: From 50 to 100

Corpse Decay and bones decay increased from 7 mins to 60 mins each. You will now have a total of two hours to retrieve your corpse.


Changed monster detection time from 10 to 4 seconds.
Potions now doesnt require a free hand to be used.
Ethereals can be hued now in the universal dye tubs or in the hue stone.
Added more ettings, dragons/drakes on Despise/Destard Felluca and lowered their spawn time
Modified Archer AI from mobiles to run from the atacker while shooting.
Modified Mage AI to summon vortexes/blades/summons and poison/fire/paralize fields.
Client Verification now doesnt kick old clients anymore.
You can hue your ethereals now by using the Ethereal or Mount dye tubs that are sold on the Special Dye Tub Vendor wich is located in the second floor of Britain Bank.
All elemental monsters now drop elemental dust upon their death, this dust is used to create new and powerful potions using mortar and pestle.


-Paragon System: Artifacs were buffed to fit the shard and 64 new artifacts were added to the chance to drop on backpack when killing a paragon monster in llshenar.

-Tailoring System: Added leather shroud to the original sewing kit sold on tailor NPC.

-Harbinger system: New types of weapons were added to the Guardians, Two Handed Axes and Radiant Scimitars.

-Vendors: Added new NPCS selling custom items in their respective shops in Britain. The custom vendors will have a title below their names with Sell for Gold/Sell for Tokens/Sell for Vote Tokens.

-Vote System: New stones located in Britain Bank will give you 20 vote tokens per stone per 12h each, you can spend the vote tokens on the vendor thats right next the stones in Bank, more rewards will be added later.


- New items were added to the default tailoring system, a new category with all the hats avaiable to be made with leathers.

-Blade Spirits now do Poison damage if you have magery+poisoning, take in consideration the caster Poisoning Skill, the more skill = better poison.

-Summon Spell from magery book now summon 2 types of mounts instead of the weak animals.

-New system of bounty added, now when the killed have 4 kill counts after they kill a new victim there will be a gump showed to the killed player, allowing it to put a bounty to the killer, after you kill the serial killer you cut his head and hand it to the guard on Brit Trammel guard outpost.

-Veteran Rewards will be given at 20 days instead of 30.

-Vendors will restock their products in 20 mins instead of 60 mins.

-Players can have 3 houses instead of 2.

-Players can have 3 accounts per ip instead of 2.

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