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Server Donations


Playing here on our server is and always will be free, all value received will be used for the benefit of the server itself, whether with improvements in the host, the website or in advertising to attract new players, it is decided that any and all items that are added to the donation room will be possible to be acquired playing, so don't worry if you can't donate because you won't be harmed in any way, instead of donating you can help us by voting and/or posting information and graphic materials on websites, blogs, forums or social media, you can also talk to other friends who play ultima online and bring them to our server, I can guarantee a nice gift by recommendation if the player is playing for a while.

Donations to our server are voluntary and in no way required to be able to play here, any donation is a form of kindness for having the pleasure of playing with us, players who donate will earn Moon Coin(s) as a gift for the donation, this currency can be used to buy various in-game items in the Donation Room at the public gate.

Donations do not exclude players from breaking our rules and players will not receive special treatment or privileges in any way, all donations are final and will not be returned, players who violate our rules and are banned for any serious reason will not have their donation returned.

Please allow 24 hours for Moon Coins to be delivered (You can ask in Discord for it to be delivered sooner)

                                                          $1.00 USD = 1 Moon Coin

We are by no means going to put in the donation room items such as weapons, armor or others that make a player strong just by donating, all items offered are used as facilitators in a way that does not unbalance the server.

Currently avaiable rewards:

Monstrous Bless Bag (50 Slots).

Gigantic Bless Bag (100 Slots).

+200 Luck Deed - Not this one but can find in dungeon locked chests and treasure maps.

+500 Luck Deed.

+1 Pet Slot Deed - Can find in treasure map chests.

One Handed Deed - Can find in treasure map chests.

120 PS Deed - Can buy with online reward scrolls.

Greater Bag of Holding - Can find in SoS map chests.

Greater bag of Holding (36 Slots) Can find in SoS map chests.

Legendary bag of Holding (48 Slots).

Custom title of your choice.

Appearance Change Deed. 

Cellar Deed - the same size of your house.

Ethereal Skill Mounts - Can find in a custom monster ingame.

Weapon rename deed - Can buy in gold vendor mall.

Armor rename deed - Can buy in gold vendor mall.

Jewel rename deed - Can buy in gold vendor mall.

1000 Sovereign Tokens.

A pet bond deed - Can buy in a vendor stone in Britain.

Backpack max item (25 Slots) - Can buy in token vendor mall.

Bank storage item (25 Slots) - Can buy in token vendor mall.

Marvelous Travel Atlas.

Passivel items.

Permanent Bank Bell - Can buy in gold vendor mall.

Unbless bag.

Bag of 1000 All Reagents - Can find in SoS map chests.

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