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Quests and Legends


(Former Outbreak)

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New Features

Here in Quests and Legends we have countless new systems, monsters, quests and everything you expect from a server with lots of adventure and fun. If you want to see something new that we do not have, I ask you to send an email or enter our discord channel to request it. After studying the order we can do what you asked for and put it online. 


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Paladin Spells now are affected by Spell Damage
Loot  may contain necklaces and earrings
Easy Stat and Skill gains
FC 6 - FCR 8 and Lower Mana cost cap is 80


Harbinger System (exclusive)
Token System
Taming bods with exclusive items
Lots of new quests over Britain City
Bounty system for PKS
Town Invasions
Dungeon Bosses
New rewards in T-Maps Chests

Achievement system
Deco Mall 
Doom Artifacts are much better!!
Custom stealing items in dungeons and cities
Lots of new craftings
Lots of new exclusive spells
Create your unique spell
Reputation guilds
Unique leveling weapons and pets
Unique decoration tools
Walk and cast
Custom SoS Chest rewards
Custom Dungeon Locked Chest rewards

Two accounts per player
No Skill Cap
450 stat cap
Starting 10x100 skill ball
Starting 200 stat ball
Full spellbooks and a LRC suit to start
Travel Book and a Squire to start
Lots of custom tameables 
New Dungeons with custom artifacts 
PvP-PvM Enabling System

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Your vote is very important for our world! It will help us grow as a shard and build a vibrant community of players that we can all enjoy interacting with. To vote in game, please visit Britain bank and see the voting stone there, as well as the rewards stone that is based on voting tokens. You may also use command [vote to vote from anywhere within game. For most shard ranking sites, there is a delay of 12 hours between votes. Please take a few minutes of your day to vote for us. Many thanks, see you in game!

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Contact Us

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Our main means of contact is on Discord, there you can directly contact the staff as well as deal with guild, trade and general doubts.

Discord Channel Here.

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For those having trouble viewing the news, please use the following: (The same extension works on Opera GX and probably on other browsers other than Chrome aswell.)

For the first time you need to open the following page:

then you will need to install the plugin and on this page you set to the Unicode (info below), and now everytime you enter our main website you will see the news.

Right click on the page and choose Set Character Encoding- Unicode (UTF-16LE)

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